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All You Need To Know About The LNAT Exam & SUSS Law Program

Are you a working professional who is planning to practice law in the near future? Can’t find the time to pursue a full-fledged law course? The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) Law Program is the answer!

Overview of the SUSS Law Program

LNAT Exam and SUSS Law Program

SUSS is the only university in Singapore that caters to the requirements of working professionals. It enables you to conveniently attain a law degree without having to compromise on your office, home, or social life.

Law practice in Singapore is a booming industry. There is great scope for lawyers in the areas of criminal and family law. That is mostly because there are so few criminal and family law practitioners in the country.

SUSS provides all kinds of law programs. But it primarily focuses on criminal law and family law in an attempt to increase the number of lawyers in those fields.

As you might know, criminal law and family law deal with more than just legal problems. With that in mind, the SUSS law program prepares you for various cross-disciplinary fields like sociology and criminology.

The SUSS law program dedicates more time to applied learning than to theoretical concepts. Thus, you can directly dive into your law practice soon after graduation.

Relevant non-law subjects like social services and forensic sciences are included in the curriculum. Those will help you practice law in a community better.

What is the LNAT?

LNAT stands for Law National Aptitude Test or National Admissions Test for Law. A 2 hours 15 minutes examination, LNAT tests your capability to study undergraduate law. It was developed and adapted by eight UK universities together.

Lawyers have to properly explain the situation to the judge and the jury. Hence, they need to be verbally eloquent. LNAT assesses your verbal skills like comprehension, deduction, interpretation, analysis, etc.

LNAT Test Format

The LNAT is divided into two sections – A and B. As mentioned earlier, it lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Section A tests your comprehension ability. You will be given 12 argumentative excerpts. Every excerpt will have three to four multiple-choice questions.

The excerpts are usually from academic journals and case transcriptions. But they may not always be related to law.

Section B consists of an essay. You will be provided with three different topics. You need to base your essay on one of those. The topics will generally be about current affairs.

Is it difficult to do well if you have been out of school for a long time?

Definitely not! If you are above average in verbal communication and comprehension, then you can easily crack the test. A major part of the total LNAT score depends on Section A.

If you are well-versed in general knowledge and current affairs, then it will help you get a better score in LNAT.

Remember, LNAT is not related to academics. So, it doesn’t really matter if you have been out of school for any length of time.

How much time should you allocate for LNAT preparation?

It varies from person to person. If you are up-to-date on the current affairs and your comprehension level is above average, then you can take the LNAT right away.

It will barely take you a couple of hours to brush up on your general knowledge. A few more hours will go into getting your comprehension level up high.

Ideally, you need not spend more than 30 hours preparing for LNAT.

When should you take the LNAT?

You can take the LNAT only once per year (cycle). The period is from September to June.

If you do not get a satisfactory score, then you will need to wait another year to take the test.

All in all, the LNAT is critical to qualify for the SUSS Law Program. Going unprepared is not an option. Spend a few good hours testing your comprehension ability and general knowledge. A score of 27 and above will be more than achievable that way.

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