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9 UK and 2 non-UK leading universities currently use LNAT as part of their admissions process to help them identify the very best students, regardless of background or education, from the thousands who apply to study undergraduate law each year.

The National Admissions Test for Law (or LNAT) helps university admissions officers learn more about individual candidates and their aptitude for studying law.

It does this by assessing a candidate’s intellectual abilities, rather than their knowledge of particular subjects including law, measuring their abilities in critical reasoning, comprehension and command of written English.

List of Schools

UniversityLaw Programmes / Course CodesAverage LNAT score - Offered
University of BristolM100, MR11, MR12 and MR1325
Durham UniversityM101, M10229
University of GlasgowM114, M1R7, M1R1, M121, M1R2, M122, M1R3, M1M9, M1RR, M1R4, M123, MN11, MN12, MV13, ML11, MQ13, MQ15, ML17, MV11, MV15, ML12, MR17, M100, M9R1, M9R2, M9R3, M9R4, MN19, ML13, M1L1, MQ93, MQ95, MV91, MV95, ML9225
King's College LondonLM21, M100, M121, M122, M19027
The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)M10029
The University of NottinghamM100, M101, M1R1, M1R227
University of OxfordM100, M190, M191, M192, M193, M19429
SOAS University of LondonM100 LLB and all other combinations including Law. M102 LLB Senior Status does not require the LNAT25
UCL Faculty of LawsM100, M101, M102, M141, M142, M144, M145, M14628
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)BJuris Doctor Programme, Bachelor of Laws Programme-
IE UniversityBachelor of Laws Program (Location: Segovia / Madrid)-

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