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LNAT Preparatory Course

Private & Completely Customisable
  • 1-on-1 personal coaching
  • Get undivided attention from LNAT experts
  • Decide on what you’d like to cover in each session
  • Determine the duration & frequency of your sessions
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About the Individual Course

You have complete autonomy over how your sessions are structured. If you’re looking for flexibility without compromising your LNAT performance, this individual course will allow you to build your fully personalised study plan with your designated LNAT trainers. These individual sessions will help you to…

  • Build a solid foundation & understanding of the LNAT curriculum
  • Improve your weak areas
  • Work on the application of concepts learnt
  • Answer difficult questions
  • Improve on your time management skills

Our Course Curriculum

Reading Comprehension

Students will be taught how to approach lengthy and complex reading passages and sets of attached questions. The questions can range from more straightforward identification of main ideas or inferences, to questions asking you to evaluate the impact of new information on the argument, apply information into a new context, or discern the attitude of the author.

Testing your verbal reasoning skills, which include:

  • Comprehension – Ability to understand detail & the bigger picture
  • Interpretation – Ability to follow author’s train of thought & extrapolate
  • Analysis – Ability to dissect a line of reasoning & compare
  • Synthesis – Ability to assimilate information from different sources
  • Induction – Ability to introduce logical flow to given information
  • Deduction – Ability to draw conclusion based on given premises

Essay Writing

During Essay Writing students will be taught on how to utilise the 40 minutes given for this section of the LNAT. They will learn how to brainstorm, write the essay & proof read within the time frame. The LNAT essay tests the students knowledge of current affairs, their ability to construct an argument, write a balanced argument & writing skills. By the time students are ready to take the LNAT, they will be prepared to answer a wide variety of essay questions.

Our course package includes…

Mastering the LNAT Book

Prep Zone Academy’s LNAT Roadmap (printed set of slides covered in class)

Free access to our LNAT library & practice tests

Law School Admissions Consultation Session

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