LNAT Crash Course - December 2019

7- 8 December 2019

With a team of seasoned LNAT trainers and a schedule packed with content review, test-taking strategies & practice questions, Prep Zone Academy’s LNAT Crash Course will provide you with all the preparation you’ll ever need for the LNAT over 2 days.

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Do you need the LNAT?

The National Admissions Test for Law (or LNAT) helps university admissions officers learn more about individual candidates and their aptitude for studying law. It does this by assessing a candidate’s intellectual abilities, rather than their knowledge of particular subjects including law, measuring their abilities in critical reasoning, comprehension and command of written English.

Here’s a few points to take note: 

Section A : MCQs

Being a prospective law student, be prepared to face complex writings. This 95-minute section consists of 42 multiple choice questions based on 12 argumentative passages that requires verbal reasoning, logical skills and accuracy.

Section B : Essay Writing

It will NOT be graded by the LNAT Consortium, but is instead sent to the law program admissions team of your chosen universities to be assessed. It is crucial that your arguments are clear, concise and logical in your writing. Bear in mind that your essay is likely to be viewed by lawyers, and/or professors, so make your first impression count.

A Good LNAT Score

Know what law program you are applying for, it’s best to target a few law programs and check if the LNAT is required. The entry scores vary between universities but a score of 27 or above (out of 42) is a good aim to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting a place at your preferred university.

Schools Requiring the LNAT

9 UK and 2 non-UK leading universities currently use LNAT as part of their admissions process to help them identify the very best students from the thousands who apply to study undergraduate law each year.

University of Bristol 
Durham University 
University of Glasgow 
King’s College London
The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
The University of Nottingham
University of Oxford
SOAS University of London
UCL Faculty of Laws
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
IE University (Located in Segovia, Spain)

About The LNAT Crash Course

Every year, our LNAT trainers help many students ace the LNAT, and get into their desired law programmes. In this LNAT Crash Course, you will get a comprehensive review of the LNAT through 9 hours worth of workshops. Our Essay & Verbal Reasoning Workshops will be covering the fundamentals, difficult questions for the LNAT as well as tips & tricks to score high for the LNAT. You will also get the chance to do Section B of the LNAT and get your essays graded by our LNAT trainers.

Course Schedule

Date & Time

Essay Workshop (Section B) – 7 December 2019, Saturday, 2:00PM to 5:30PM
Essay Practice Session – 8 December 2019, Sunday, 11:00AM to 1:00PM
Verbal Reasoning Workship (Section A) – 8 December 2019, Sunday, 2:00PM to 5:30PM
LNAT Practice Test (Optional) – Schedule a slot with us, available during operating hours


Prep Zone Academy Rochester – 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #02-05, Singapore 138639

Course Curriculum

Essay Workshop (Section B)

Saturday, 7 December 2019
2:00PM – 5:30PM (3.5 hours)

The LNAT essay tests the students knowledge of current affairs, their ability to construct an argument, write a balanced argument & writing skills

  • Learn how to brainstorm, write the essay & proof read within the 40 minutes given
  • Be prepared to answer a wide variety of essay questions
  • Essay themes discussed – Domestic Policy vs Individual Rights, Negligence, Human Rights and Women’s Rights, Inter Governmental Relations & Privacy

Essay Practice Session

Sunday, 8 December 2019
11:00AM – 1:00PM (2 hours)

Students will be given 2 essay questions to work on within this two hours. This will help students familiarise themselves with the essay section, the importance of time management  & apply what they have learnt from the essay workshop. The essays will be graded by our LNAT trainers and sent to students along with feedback.

Verbal Reasoning Workshop (Section A)

Sunday, 8 December 2019
2:00PM – 5:30PM (3.5 hours)

Students will be taught how to approach lengthy and complex reading passages and sets of attached questions. The questions can range from more straightforward identification of main ideas or inferences, to questions asking you to evaluate the impact of new information on the argument, apply information into a new context, or discern the attitude of the author.

LNAT Practice Test (Optional)

Available during Prep Zone Academy’s operating hours

Schedule a slot with us to do a LNAT practice test and see your performance level. If you are struggling to attain your targetted score and would like to identify your weakness, our course consultants are readily available to help.

What's Included

Mastering the National Admissions Test for Law Book

Prep Zone Academy’s LNAT Roadmap (Printed set of notes for class)

2 LNAT Essays Marked (after course completion)

LNAT Prep & Law School Admissions Consultation

Crash Course Registration

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